Are u sad or relieved that Christmas is over?

I am a little sad that Christmas day is over cuz I spent the past few weeks sick & I look forward to this holiday evey year. However, I still had a good Christmas, I'm feeling better, & New years is coming up, so more things to look forward to! :)

I'm curious to know are u guys sad to see Christmas go or are u just relieved, or niether? lol :)


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  • I'm indifferent.

  • I am glad! lol

  • Relieved, it was the first Christmas my family spent since the separation announcement from my parents. It was a really weird and uncomfortable holiday. Christmas eve with my dad and Christmas with my mom. Just depressing as all hell.

    • I'm sorry that it was like that for u. Yea, Its never easy when parents separate. Hopefully, things will get better in the future, where it's less uncomfortable & awkward for u. Hang in there. :)

    • Aw thank you, and yeah I'm sure it will get better it's just hard right now and very recent. Enjoy New Years!

    • Your welcome & Thank you. :) Happy New Year! :)