Non-Arab Muslims, can you read the Quran in its original Arabic text?

And if you can, then tell me how you would pronounce this and what it means. Kinda like test xD

Don't know where the photo disappeared 😅


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  • erm... i'm pretty rusty on how to read it. I'll try though
    alay salahu bi ah kami ul hakeemeen

    no clue what it means lol


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  • Where I'm from the majority read it and memorise it in Arabic.
    We also learn the Arabic language to study and understand it.
    And the tajweed like 'noon as-saakin'

    I've read it in English a few times, but of course I prefer the Arabic.
    And if you want to become an 'aalim the first thing they teach you is Arabic and Urdu.

    "Alaysal allahu bi ahsanil hakimeen'
    Is not Allah/God the most just of judges.

    • Alaysal allahu bi ahkamil* hakimeen

      Ahkam means the most just

      Ahsna means the best.

      But that's really nice. Sometimes I question myself, if I weren't an Arab, would I be able to read it or nah, considering that Arabic isn't an easy language.

    • I assure you that was a simple spelling mistake!

      But yeah, typing in Arabic in English is difficult.

      Some of my Arab friends find it really difficult to read it, since they're dialect is very different from classic Arabic.
      Like they speak Massri or Yemeni.

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  • Interesting results. I think a lot of Non-Arab muslims are taught basic Quranic arabic from a young age even though they can't speak it. But so many don't have proper Tajweed.

    • Yeah, but some them really know Tajweed better than some Arabs.

      what about you? Can you read it? (I mean if you are a Muslim by any chance).

  • Im not arabs but for sure they can read the context. It only depends on the person itself if they want to believe whats in it or nah


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  • That's what they should do, according to certain schools. But bilingual Qurans exist:

    I own a nice leather bound bilingual Arab- French copy which I received for free. I stumbled upon a site proposing it, from Egypt. My copy was mailed from Al-Madinah in the KSA. (it mentions King Fahd, who died 1o years ago.)

    • They are just translations, while praying, you have to recite in Arabic. I do have a bilingual Arab-German copy, it mentions King Fahd too.

  • No. Quran sucks.