Guy at the store tried to say my bicycle was his?

And i know its not... Then he said he's gonna jump me and take it... I could have easily stomped his ass... But instead i told him good luck with that... A year and a half ago he would have going to the hospital... Did i do the right thing?

  • u should made him need stitches
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  • u did good, u would have gone to jail with him
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What Girls Said 1

  • Ea you did the right thing but if just one if his fingers touched me I'd whoop his ass all over the parking lot!

    • Lol... Ya... It was just words... I think he was tweaked out

What Guys Said 1

  • yes

    • Yay! thanks... Cuz i dont feel like i did the right thing...

    • assault and battery charges are no fun lol

    • I know.. Which makes it worse, for him... And that makes it worse for me... Its a vicous cycle...