Why do most of the vegetarians I know dislike animals and most of the animal lovers I know eat mostly meat?

I am asking because I am an animal lover and like to eat chicken and fish so sometimes I feel guilty for eating them and tell myself to eat less.
On the other hand, my vegetarian friends who said I am cruel for eating animals either can't stand the sight of animals or think I am lame for showing so much attention to animals.
I am confused O_o

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  • Darling it's called hypocrisy. It's almost 2016. These first world problems will probably only worsen over time.

    • But the poll results shows that I am abnormal.

    • I agree with the people to an extent. I love animals too. You really need to reevaluate your priorities and preferences before people misjudge even more.

    • Oh, I see. Thanks.

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  • How can you be an animal lover if you eat animals? I think you mean to say you love CERTAIN animals. But not animals in general.

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