What kind of school/college stereotypes exists today in the 21st century? And which were you in in the past/now?

I've watched a few stereotypes come and go. I do remember a time when I was really into the emo look in the 2000s... But I hardly see that stereotype anymore, nor am I into it at all.

And jocks? Seems so 2000s for me as well... But maybe Im wrong since I haven't been back in America in a long time.

What kind of school/college stereotypes exists today in the 21st century? And which were you in in the past/now?And chavs have somehow changed its name into roadman now instead... They still in them tracksuit outfits though... But I remember when I went to a British school, the chav girls had a tight pony tail, orange caked face with a clear foundation line and spider lashes... How they decided on leaving the house looking like that, I really do not know.

In Sweden we had a stereotype called "fjortis" which has luckily been left in the past where it belongs in the 2000s. Was not a good look. Please everyone else, appreciate that you did not have to experience or come across these vile immature creatures.

Anyways, which stereotypes do you remember when you went to school (in your country)? And also which stereotypes do you think exists today in the 21st century because I really cannot come up with anything... Apart from roadmen. 😂


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  • I think the whole jock stereotype is still pretty relevant. I dealt with it all through school, especially high school. Yeah l was super athletic but that's about where it stopped. I dressed pretty normal for the most part, I liked comic's, music and worked on cars. I got straight A's through all school. Even now in college the case is the same. People act like I'm this dim witted Neanderthal who eats and breaths sports which isn't the case


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  • Preps, jocks, skateboarders, nerds, lonewolves, punks, gangsters, hipsters that's a new one well compared to the other ones, goth which as died out to be honest, and emo. Emo scene is a new one and wasn't around when I was in school.


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  • In movies the athletic guys are all jocks who party and sleep around all day and in real life that is not the case. The athletes don't just huddle among themselves all day long. Neither are they drinking bear. Many of them are religious and very conservative. The athletes are multi-racial and aren't all white and blond and fat. Many superior athletes are very thin middle eastern males. Also not all the girls they date are hot and not all the girls care that they are athletes. Most girls I know care more about intelligent and career success then they do about how hot a guy is.

  • I was a neek. 🤓 Always have been, always will be.
    In my school there were chavs, mean girls, inbetweeners type of dudes, and neeks basically. And normal people I guess?

    Don't know about stereotypes now though. I do think there is the white girl stereotype with uggs, starbucks coffee and leggings kinda girl. Don't know any other,