Should I be worried?

Okay so yesterday my friend texted me "______ Help me!" I figured it was like with homework or something so I asked her what was up. About 13 hours later (this morning) she said "Sorry I am okay..." I asked her what happened and she didn't text me until like two hours ago saying "I am okay now" but not much else, I asked again what happened and she hasn't responded. I asked my other friend to check in on her to see if anything bad had happened and she didn't have any luck either. Does this sound like something is up or am I just being paranoid?


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  • Honestly it sounds like something a little weird is going on. Could just be reading into it, since that's always a possibility, but that seems off. Unless she's the kind of person to fish for attention, I'd at least keep it in mind if I were you, maybe ask her again later. It's probably not something to ignore, but don't obsess and worry about it too much, just in case it really is all okay.


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