Kill Bill Vol. 3?

Only for those who have seen volumes 1 and 2, how can there be a 3? Isn't Bill... you know?


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  • hmmm true they could always make up a story like he didn't die. But the guy who played bill died in real life tho right?
    I guess they could say something like he has a son who is also named bill and he wronged someone as well and it relates to the first two volumes some how... lol I don't know i did enjoy the first two though, it had its' issues but for the most part quite entertaining :P

    • Lol ya I feel u

      Which was your favorite? Most people prefer 2 but I loved Vol 1!

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    • lol the Hateful Eight just came out in theaters yesterday!

    • Oh yes is true, it was supposed to come out Christmas day! but we had a dvd copy and it was the right movie for sure and the copy was not too bad at all quite a watchable copy actually.

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  • I'm pretty sure the Bride still has a target the size of a small continent in her head based on the amount of important criminals she killed.


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