What the heck, is this normal?

Ok, so my uncle brought me a car as my late Christmas present, and... its a 2001 Daimler Chrysler. I went to open the car and made a loud unlock sound... When I got in.. the radio was on the whole time? Does anyone even have this car? This is plain weird. Kinda reminds me of herbie the fully loaded...


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  • It might just be the door hinges need a little grease, but it sounds like a really cool car :)

  • You sound a little ungrateful. Perhaps you should earn the money and buy the car yourself next time.

    Regarding the radio, maybe you should just try turning it off? Just a thought...

    • um... I'm a new driver? you expect me to get a new car? I'm just never seen this car so weird... like it has weird options that I've never heard or seen before...

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