Why don't I have an Irish accent?

I lived in Ireland for 8 years (until I moved) and my first exposure to English was when I moved to Ireland but for some reason I don't have an Irish accent. It always bugged me since I absolutely adore the accent. My sisters friends said I have an "American" accent which is really weird since I've never been to America and I could have only heard their accents on telly. I mean there is nothing wrong with an American accent, I just really want an Irish one to come naturally to me without sounding fake. I feel like the things that I'm saying are starting to become irrelevant so thank you for bearing with me.


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  • Most people sound the same way their parents sound, so if you didn't grow up with parents speaking in an irish accent, you probably wouldn't develop one.
    Also, to people in America, you probably do have an Irish accent, it just sounds different to people in Ireland. Since you've moved around, you've probably developed a mixed accent, and it's probably not truly American, but it might be a little off from the standard Irish accent.

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