My friend says he doesn't want to lose me but when we fight he tells me to never speak to him ever again.. what should I do?

I'm really confused about this because he'll say things like "it would bother me if I lost you, I'd miss you" etc. But when we get into an argument he basically tells me to fck off (he implies it) but it's still really confusing cause I'm not sure if he truly values our friendship.


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  • you know when you're angry, you lose yourself completely... you say things that you don't mean, you just lash it out at others, trying to defend yourself. I know it very well. If he says that it would bother him if he lost you, believe me. You gotta believe each other and if he really loves you, he would never let you go. Don't bring your ego in it, of course... he has his ego, everyone does. But you don't have to show yours to him. If he is angry, calm him down or give him some time. There is a saying that i believe in very much "When you forgive, you love and when you love, God's light shines upon you". :)


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  • Tell him if he says it again you'll do what he says and not come back

  • Sounds like a guy who feels he's been friendzoned.


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