Is it true that everything which happens in the classroom is the teacher's responsibility?

Now by responsability I understand that anything bad or wrong that happens you take the blame.
So in short: responsibility = taking the blame if something goes wrong.

I had in mind secondary schools and primary schools.

so is it true that whatever bad thing happens in such classrooms the teacher is to blame?


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  • no. Responsibility doesn't mean all shit is on you.
    It just means he or she is the supervisor, and the one deciding.

    PLEASE tell me you're not trying to pin some shit on a teacher, that's not really the teacher's fault.

    • No no no, on the contrary, I am pissed off by those who harp the line, 'All that happens in the classroom is the teacher's responsibility'. I have heard this even from teachers (a young teacher) and even from a student teacher. And I just cannot believe or understand. Maybe they have a different understanding of the word responsibility, but I don't think so.

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    • It's just so ridiculous, and it shows the true colors of so called people.

    • and those people get to have kids.

      This world is fucked. not because of fucked up kids, but because of fucked up parents...