Girls, would it help me with dating if I learn to cook? Would a woman appreciate a guy who cooks? How can I learn to cook?


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  • Yes, I'm impressed when a guy knows how to cook, and not just bowling water or frying eggs. Here's a nice, simple but exotic dish you can fix. This recipe is so tasty, fairly simple, but everything has to be cooked separately. It's my simplified version of the restaurant Thai Red Curry, but its yummy anyways.

    1 jar Thai Kitchen Red Curry paste (a tiny glass jar, available in most stores)
    1 bag white jasmine rice
    1 package boneless chicken
    2 cans of coconut milk (don't get reduced fat or some crap like that)
    1 bag mixed frozen veggies, peas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower
    1 package button mushrooms (u can opt out if u dont like em)
    dash of coconut oil (optional) or some other type
    Braggs soy Amino acid sauce (totally optional) or salt
    small porcelain/plastic/metal stew ladles
    small/medium bowls + full sized plates

    1. Pour like 3 cups (slightly more) water in medium pot, turn on high. Measure out amount of rice (half amount) 1.5 cups. When water boiling, pour rice into pot. Be sure to add plenty salt. Turn down the heat to 2-3. Should be done in about 20 min.
    2. Put chicken in a frying pan and pour some water in it to keep it from burning, cover with lid. Salt generously. "Steam" at medium heat 5.
    3. Put veggies, and mushrooms in a separate pot with steamer basket, or just boil in water if you don't have one. Put on high heat 7-9.
    4. Turn over the chicken until both sides are white. Take out and cut into strips (like long fries, chopped in half so they're more manageable).
    5. Put some oil in the pan, and toss in the chicken strips. Add a few spoonfuls of curry paste. I usually use half the jar. Pour in some thick creamy coconut milk. Add more paste until its full of flavor with a slight mild taste, and stir until paste is fully mixed in. You should be able to use 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 cans of coconut milk. Stew should be reddish pink. Toss in veggies.
    6. Serve rice (mixed with a little butter, possible a very quick dash of amino acid or just plain salt in each bowl) and curry stew in separate bowls (with stew ladles) for each person. Also give everyone a large empty plate to apportion it out on to eat.

    My friend was incredibly impressed, since he never had Thai food before. He kept raving over it until I was embarrassed. This recipe is always a winner!


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  • It's nice when a guy knows how to cook and kind of attractive or at the very least impressive when he can teach me something new. How to learn would be just to do it! The internet is really helpful but ask your parents or older siblings / cousins for some tips too and have a few things you do really well. Chicken Marsala or Piccata, a fish dish, a vegetarian dish etc. You don't have to be a 5 star chef, even if you make spaghetti and meatballs put sprinkle some basil and make some garlic bread she'll notice the effort and appreciate it.

  • It makes no difference to me personally.

  • I'm not a good cook, and I don't expect my partner to cook for me, but if he can cook and wants to cook for me that is a great plus!
    I guess you can learn by practice and trying out different recipes. Maybe ask family members to share their recipes with you.