Why do I want to keep losing weight? What can I do to feel good about my body?

Hey! So I'm 16 and I'm 20-30 pounds under weight. So far the doctors say it's okay. But I want to keep losing weight!!! I have boobs and they aren't too big or too small. I have a small but nice butt as well. I just feel like my stomach isn't flat! My stomach does kinda stick out and I don't want it too. I have a boyfriend and I've talked to him about this. He says, "I rather have you gain weight then lose it". I just feel like my body isn't good enough. I feel like he is lying that he likes it. I just don't feel good in my own skin. I also don't gain fatty weight though only muscle which is weird because I don't eat healthy.. What should I do to feel good about my body and not want to lose weight?


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  • Because you have an eating disorder, it's time to talk to your family and doctor about it. You're very insecure and you can't believe people what theyre telling you because you see something different.

    • I have told my parents that I want to lose more weight but they just say I don't need too. In middle school I stopped eating for a week as well. I'm 113 lb was 115 at the start of November and was weight two weeks ago. My goal is the weigh 100-105. I feel like that's my goal bc when my mom was 18 she weighed 100 and I do realize she is 1-2 ft shorter then me but I feel like it's bc of her weight at 18 that I should weigh thag much too.

    • Well yes she's shorter than you, so you can't be expected to weigh the same, also if you're not eating healthy how do you expect to look it? Muscle weighs more than fat so looking at the scale really isn't anything