What's more annoying, just walking out, or making a driver acknowledge you?

As a pedestrian, I recognize the fact that I have the right of way generally.
However, I fee like a jerk if I step off the curb without waiting for a driver to slow slightly and wave or acknowledge me somehow. In situations where the driver will have to slow down whether I wait for acknowledgement or not, I always wait for the wave.
Whats more annoying, boldly assuming that drivers will accept your right of way, or making them wait a couple of extra seconds to wave you past?

  • Waiting for them to wave.
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  • Stepping in front of them without waiting for a wave.
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  • I completely disagree. Pedestrians have a right on the pavement, cars on the road. Until there is a proper crossing point, you do not have right of way.

    I don't see why you think drivers should have to anticipate your every move. Why should I know the precise second you want to step out? I mean, if you walk out into a car, you will bitch that I hit you. Maybe you should have looked before you stepped out in front of me.

    I'm sorry but attitude like this costs lives. You should be ashamed of yourself. "I'm the most important person in the world, move out of my way". Get a grip.

    • (Btw not aimed at you, aimed at people who step off the curb willy nilly)

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    • But yeah I've had complete mongs just step out in front of me and I wish I could run them down

    • Depends on where you are. In my state, any intersection is considered to have crosswalks, marked or not, unless there is a sign stating no crossing here.

  • I have to make sure they acknowledge me just in case. I'm not going to assume they see me and get hit.

  • Stepping in front of them without waiting for a wave.


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