Did my coworker like me or not?

My coworker is a guy who is about 16 years older than me. I think he's been staring at me for like the past year and a half, but I know this can be misconstrued.

But other things that I believe point to him liking me:

-he always asks me about other guys. I was dating this guy about a year ago, and he began obsessively asking me about him (in a teasing way). On Valentine's day he wanted to know what we were doing, and he literally chased me out of the office to ask (when I was leaving for the day). He did a similar thing when it was my birthday.

-The other week a guy was talkign to me and the guy in question came up to me and said, "that guy totalllyyyy has a crush on you" and just kept going "uh huh..." when I denied it.


But I'm confused because he now has a girlfriend... out of nowhere... I don't understand why he never asked me out?

Do you think he ever liked me?


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  • He may have. Ask him.