If you suck at singing, will practice get you better?

Or are there certain things that you're suppose to have natural skills, that practices can only help you out if you're already ok from the start?

Or can anything be learned, even if you're bad from the start. Sure you might not become the best singer at concerts but maybe sing in certain shows and be an average singer.


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  • Ed Sheeran is an awesome singer. There are videos where he showed how bad he was when he was younger. He practiced and played as many shows as he could until he was unstoppable. My guess is that you need some natural talent, but you can make leaps and bounds with enough practice and persistence.


What Girls Said 1

  • No I don't think so. It depends who is training you and what kind of training you get. Beyonce and Brooke Fraser and Miley Cyrus all lost their voice from singing too much.

    • yeah I noticed that too. I always picture myself singing but even my family members can't bare listening to me singing.

    • IF you are under 18, your voice will probably change as you get older and you can take voice lessons to improve your voice but don't sing the kind of songs musicians sing - those songs ruin your voice.

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