What if a loved ones spirit said they missed you in your dreams?

I had a dream that my mom died and in my dream and when i was crying her spirit hugged me from the back and said "i miss you" then i woke up.

my moms alive and i told her the dream and she hugged me just like she did in my dream.. it was weird...

But lets say you have lost a loved one..., pretend you have.. or if you've already lost one.

Pretend you went to bed and saw them in your dreams.. they say: I just miss you so much.
then you wake up.

Would you believe it was actually their spirit?
Or would you believe it was just a dream and nothing more?

(This has actually happened to a celebrity Named Nelly, his sister died of cancer and he had a dream she was still alive, but it was "Just a dream", This actually happened to him,,)

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  • It already happened to me a year ago! My mother's bestfriend who died of cancer came in my dreams and she was breathtakingly beautiful, I knew she was dead in my dream. She hugged me , told her I missed her, she told me She was doing well and asked me about her kids, then she told me to say hi to them ( poor translation we were speaking in Arabic) than we held hands and we started walking around!
    It was so real that I was kind of scared as soon as I woke up but it was beautiful! I had the dream 5 years after her death, I called her daughter and told her about it, she cried and told me thank you :)


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  • I'm superstitious so I would probably think it meant something.

    • same, im not sure what it means because my moms alive but if she was dead... id know she was trying to tell me something

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    • we are, she actually called me while i was reading this lol
      and thats kind of... weird

    • Interesting lol

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