Guy's would it bother you if your girlfriend have a gay bestfriend that's a guy?

Hey guys,
So I do have a gay best friend name mike we been friends for 3 years now. We met in college through a friend... and every since then we've been really close, I now have a boyfriend and he hates mike & think it has a lot to do with him being gay... mike came over my house and my boyfriend was also there too. Mike said Hi to him and then my boyfriend gives him this F#$*d up look but then says hey... Mike knows my boyfriend doesn't like him but out of respect he tells him hey every now and then... so anyways me and mike starts talking and laughing & my boyfriend gets up and leaves without saying a word... I then call him and he doesn't pick up... a hour after my friend mike leaves I call him again he finally picks up...

Boyfriend: Hello
Me: hey whyed you leave?
Boyfriend: *silent*
Me: hellooo?
Boyfriend: Do you want me to come back?
Me: answer my question first.
Boyfriend: You already know the answer to that.
Me: So it had to do with mike?
Boyfriend: Why did he come over?
Me: he just stopped by I guess...
Boyfriend: *silent again*
Me: Would you just please *boyfriend interrupts*
Boyfriend: Honestly I don't like him, I don't really want him around me.
Me: Well he is my bestfriend and you knew this when you first met me.
Boyfriend: I know.
Me: He knows you left because of him he got kind of upset about it.
Boyfriend: You know I don't care.
Me: Well I'm upset about it too..
Boyfriend: I'm sorry & to be honest having a guy as your best friend is not cool with me gay or not.
Me: What?
Boyfriend: You heard me.
Me: Yeah I did... but like why does it bother you are you jealous?
Me: Then what's the problem.
Boyfriend: just not cool...
Me: Well... I just won't bring him around you anymore.
Boyfriend: I don't... never mind
Me: No what where you going to say?
Boyfriend: *Hangs up*

  • He's jealous of me & mike close relationship?
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  • He doesn't like mike because he's gay?
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  • Other.
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What Guys Said 2

  • not at all

  • I wouldn't mind as long as she lets me fuck the gay friend in his ass while he eats her pussy.


What Girls Said 1

  • He's just being a homophobe. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion but if he ignores you when you hang out with your boyfriend, or tries to prevent you from socializing with Mike, I say leave his ass and find someone more open-minded.

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