Do you think many many tattoos are a form of self-mutilation?

i'm not talking about the people who have 1 or 2 tattoos. i'm talking about the people who some may think went "overboard" with tattoos

as a former self harmer, and someone who is covered in tattoos, i can safely say that there is a direct connection. i get the same high and go into the same mindset when i am getting a tattoo as i did when i used to cut my legs up.

when i get a new tattoo i get very excited that i'll have new work on me, but some of that excitement is from the part where i am going to feel pain.

i guarantee that if you took 50 people, 25 with no tattoos and 25 with A LOT of tattoos, the ones with the tattoos will have a higher rate of insecurity/feelings of depression/a rough past/anything of that nature.

what do you think?


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  • lol sure, but its more of an art form. Anything, getting ear piercings can be self mutilation. Since mutilation in cultures or arts is a form of expression as well.

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