Why I often feel unhappy? Can anyone cheer me up?

I am a person that not good at show my real feeling, I care about what other people think, especially the persons i love. I often say thats ok but sometimes its not ok at all ! Is this the reason? I dont know how to not care too much...


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  • Hey! I am gonna tell you one thing, you can declare it absolutely wrong or too corny, up to you. Some people are like that, it's in your nature. You cannot escape that... you're too good as a person, you're just gonna have to live with that unless you wanna go against your nature which you shouldn't. This may not mean anything, perhaps i am unable to explain. Just take care, everything would be alright in the end.

    • thanks. i need some positive suggestions really...

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    • hey! thanks for the mho! i hope you're feeling better. Happy New year in advance!!

    • Happy new year :)

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  • yea I am pretty much like you.
    first of all reduce your friends to the minimum, leave the ones that really care about you and won t abuse you in a way.
    Then you gotta learn to let go. When your pissed just say it, learn to speak out cs no one else will ever speak out for you. Plus you let that frustration go.
    Also let it go in a way that what happened in the past is in the past and move on. Don't let things take such a toll on you, try to forget.
    Finally sports, trust me sports will give the best push, motivation and discipline you need.
    P. S if your bothered about smthng share it with your special person like your mum or a psych.
    good luck :)

    • damn it spelling mistakes. you re**
      thanks for the MHO

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  • Well we all care, most of us are just good at not showing it
    As for cheering u up, well I'm sure a lot of people can. There are tons of interesting here who would love to bring a smile to your face
    How can u not get affected well that's something u can learn by looking at those who are below u

  • You need to discover a way to calm your mind

  • hi... smile :)


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