Girls, How to guess if a girl is having her periods?

I mean how to know it while we are in a public place like maybe posture, change in normal behavior, etc.


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  • -Most experience bloating, so you may notice the tight jeans are replaced with comfortable jogging pants,
    -Frequent trips to the bathroom, more than normal, especially between classes (and oddly they don't ask all their friends to go with them..)
    -If they go to the bathroom during class they bring some kind of bag with them.
    -Hungrier than usual, craving junk foods
    -Popping pills like Advil, Tylenol or Mydol on the sly.


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  • Well, some girls are angry, some sad, some don't feel shit.
    I don't have cramps but sometimes I'm sad.

  • Commonly going to the bathroom, being tired, a little bit grouchy. Also not sure if anyone else has noticed but i notice a distinct smell, like even if they are clean i can just sort of sense a smell that tells me.

  • complaining about cramps, sudden mood changes, spending more time using the restroom then usual. there are more I'm sure, I just can't think of any off the top of my head, but don't make the assumption just because of this. and you can ask, but also don't just say "You're on your period aren't you?". and ask nicely. be kind and gentle. and she may just tell you if you don't ask or assume.