Wherever I go literally every guy I pass stares at me?

Whether it is a guy who is with his girlfriend at the moment, an emloyee at whatever place I'm at, anytime, anywhere. Guys always look at me and not in a friendly way just with a blank stare. For example, the other day I was at a buffet and one of the cheifs had his eyes glued on me the whole time I was near him. I know what you will say it means but the fact that this is so often. Oh and I don't dress provactively so if I was then I would understand.

The question is why does this happen btw?


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  • One word = " Boobies" I presume you have a set of tits, guys love to watch tits, when it comes to men we have a automatic targeting system like an hunter as soon as a hot ass of nice tits come in radar! We get a target lock on it.
    Don't worry, enjoy it. It's a good thing

    • Mine are not big though. They are like average sized

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    • I don't have kik :(

    • If you post a question on #gag paste the link here please

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  • Guys do the same to me.
    It's because you're very attractive, and literally "stunning". They really have nothing to say.

    • Oh so it is why? I thought so but I never thought of myself as that attractive. You must be though!

    • You probably are attractive.
      "People are their own worst critics".

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  • Hmm... I suggest wearing baggy cloths... Never do anything to your hair... Get some of those hilbilly teeth and wear them... And ignore them

    • That is pretty much me already except for the hillbilly teeth lol

  • You're sexy. You're confident in yourself and it shows.

    • Thank you, I wouldn't say I am the most confident of girls but maybe that is what others think.

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  • what's your question?

    • Right? Lol.

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    • @Kris85 we got a Helen of Troy situation on our hands. *rolls eyes*

      @QA you're sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo purty. that's why.

    • what is Helen of Troy?