Were they making fun of me?

I was walking to meet my friends today and as I was walking a group of guys was starring at me one of them whispered sth and then the guy next to him started coughing nervously and then the others laughed. What was that? Were they making fun of me?


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  • They probably were. But don't take it to heart dudette. Boys are stupid at that age.

    Or any age for that matter...

    • Lol they were 25 or sth

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    • Oh yeah sorry I read that now 😂

    • lol. anywho, don't fret. Guys can do that sometimes. At least you can add more people to the list of people to avoid.

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  • So what if they were? Shake it off

    • I just want to know cauz the guy that was coughing nervously was my crush 😳😏

    • Oh... Maybe they were talking about something else 😏 nothing bad probably, a bit kinky maybe 😏 jk lol

    • Lol maybe

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