Are the best relationships the ones that are not the most ideal?

Are the best kind of relationships the ones that can endure even though there are better options immediately available and you had the power to know you can have a more perfect romance with someone else?


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  • It doesn't really work liek that... the best relationships are the ones that stick together despite being told that you can do better, but knowing that who you're with right now feels the best.

    It's a matter of perspective. The couples who work together best are ones told that the grass is greener on the other side, but they just so happen to prefer their grass to be a bit sun-bleached or whatever.

    • You are right. It does not work like that.

      But if it did, the person you are with now may not be the person you are with if you could see the future.

      The outcomes we have today are because of the unknown.

      The mytake is here

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    • So it is pointless for me to fall in love with a girl who has loved as a teenager.

      I am pretty much fucked.

    • whatever you say.

  • yeah, I think so


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