Why am I so unhappy?

For as long as I can remember I have never really been truly happy, there's always been something to get in my way. Recently I've noticed even more than ever that I can't stop crying, every night I cry myself to sleep and I don't even really know why. I'm always unhappy and just can't seem to see the bright side of life, what's wrong with me? I feel so alone.


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  • This is why god invented therapy.

    • Let's be honest, if that were true And he is real where is he now?

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    • Seriously I don't need therapy

    • ok... if you say so. Things will never change unless you make them change.

      Good luck.

  • You have depression, therapy and medication will improve your quality of life a lot!

    • I definitely don't need medication, I'm not crazy.

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  • That's the problem... you feel so alone, because you are alone.
    Although you may have friends, you probably don't have a person in your life that you can deeply confide in to tell your deeper inner secretes without judgment.
    The sadness will disappear when you take your life back and work on it.
    You have to decide that you no longer want to be that person anymore.
    What is it, that you are burying that is allowing you to feel this way?
    Bring all of your disappointments to the surface.
    Work on achieving greater.
    There's nothing you can do to undo what has happened.
    But what you can do is look towards the future and work for success, for a brighter beginning and new outcome.

    Best wishes <3