Do any of you usually look at someone for this long?

Me and my crush speak to each other but we often start staring into each other's eyes for like 2 to 4 seconds. Whenever it happens, whether it be when we're speaking or not, we'll both smile at eachother.

It's a lingering stare and I feel very weird (in a good way) when it happens. My heart races, I feel very happy and warm.

I literally can't keep my eyes off her... she's beautiful.


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  • I would say if a girl has a geniue smile while looking at you at look at you for min. 1min its normally a sign that she likes you. But girls could be shy or whatever. But when you notice the girl looking at you multiple times and she keeps your gaze for longer then 30sec. Go for it. But don't rush things. Sometime a lack of eye contact is even better she could be nervous because she really likes you. But you will notice this. She will almost immediatlly break the eye contact and look down. Try to smile at this girl and see her reaction.