Girls, Navel piercing rejecting?

Has any one here ever had a belly button piercing that has rejected? I got mine pierced when I was in Amsterdam back in July. It was absolutely perfect until I noticed on Christmas eve that it had migrated a lot and now it's been completely pushed out of my body. I can see the bar of the piercing through my skin so I figure it's rejecting. What exactly should I do? Like do I need to keep cleaning the wound once I take the piercing out? And how long will I have to wait until I can get it re-pierced again?

Also, I do not need a lecture on why piercings are bad and that I shouldn't have gotten one in the first place blah blah blah. I knew the risk of this happening long before I got it pierced.


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  • You should take it out, because you can get it re pierced after it's healed. trust me its worth to take it out if you can see it pushing out, you can clean it all you want but your body is literally trying to push it out. You probably can wait 3-5 months

    • Oh yes I know I already need to take it out but do I still need to clean the piercing site after it's been taken out?

      Thanks a million :)

    • Yep! Because bacteria might be trapped in the hole, however this is usually done if you've just gotten it and have to take it out. You should be okay, but just to be safe clean it once and then let it close up! No problem

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  • I've had the same thing happen and had it done again (the second time was soooo painful though). Now, for me it probably happened because I got it done while I was still growing, I was about 14 (my mom went with me and all, so no lectures please). So I'm guessing this is why my body rejected it, it was just a foreign object. I just let it happened, let my skin have time to heal and got it done again a couple years later because I felt like the scar needed to be covered up a little :D besides, I have a nice stomach so why not decorate it ^-^

    • I wish I had gotten mine done when I was 14 lol :D Did yours scar much after it rejected? I'm so terrified of what the scar after this is going to look like :(

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    • Okay that doesn't sound too bad at all :D I've always wanted to get my belly button pierced so I'm 100% gonna get it re-pierced once this has healed up :D Thanks very much :)

    • No problem there 👌😊