My best friend is mad at me because I never show up when she invites me for stuff. what should I do?

So, my best friend came from university and she's in town for almost 2 weeks and i've never seen her... she already planned with me 3 times to hangout but i always find excuses to not show up... i want to be with her, she's my best friend but i don't know what's happening with me, i never want to leave the house and have been feeling like shit, im sad. i don't want to be with people because it makes me feel uncomfortable so i refuse every time she asks for us to hangout. this morning i told her i would met her at this local coffe and i didn't go, she waited for me, send me messages and call me but i never answer... few hour later i send her a message saying i was very sorry, i told her what i was feeling and i didn't want to leave the house. she reply the message and said she was very mad, waited for me and thinks im joking and will never invite me for anything because i never show up. i now i shouldn't do this but i didn't know what to say in the moment... please, can someone just tell me what should i do, i don't want to lose my friend, but i don't know what's wrong with me :(


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  • You need to see a doctor and explain what you're feeling. It sounds like you're depressed for some reason. Are you under any extra stress or have you gone through any trama lately? As for your friend, as hard as it may be, you need to see her and discuss what you are dealing with face-to-face. Invite her to your place if you really don't want to go out. Just texting after blowing her off that many times probably won't mean much.

  • Not wanting to spend time with friends or not wanting to do things that you used to enjoy are both signs of depression. I'm not a therapist and I can't diagnose you with depression, but you're showing some depressed feelings. First, I recommend that you find help and talk to someone about this. Second, I think you should try to explain this to your friend. Tell her you've been feeling different and you're not sure what's wrong but you're going to get help. And tell her that her friendship means a lot to you and you don't want to ruin it, it's not her it's you.

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