Guys, Did he think I wasn't interested?

I get really nervous about this guy because he's extremely good looking, successful and older than me, and I feel like I just don't really compare.

So I blush around him I think (maybe not, but it feels like my face heats up) and I'm sort of short with him. It's hard for me to look him in the eye so when he talks to me my eyes dart around the room hahah.

Sometimes he flirts with me which makes things even worse.. Well, I found out he recently got a girlfriend.

Do you think he knew I was interested, based off this info?


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  • No. Guys will not know that you are interested from this. Unlike girls, it takes a lot of effort (unless you tell him directly) for him to know that you like him. For most of the time, guys will only finds out if the girl is interested in him or not when he asks him out on a date, or the other way around.

    If he finds out that you are interested in him, he will feel flattered. As long as you do not let his girl know, or else her bitch mode will be activated and you will be hunted.

  • No. He thought you weren't interested in him and that his presence was making you uncomfortable.

    • Bravo!. This is the main reason so many shy women on this site wonder why the guy didn't pursue them and found someone else.

      Show interest ladies!