Who wants to go out with me?

so i turened 18 2 months ago im not fully sober sorry but fare pissed off what just happened to me i didn't get a girl in the past 4 years went out 7 times sence turnin 18 i got told i was rejected by the girl going up to a fucking dj everyone heard and all my fucking year heard (it wasn't hard to get in underage) to go prom i was sober for 3 hours then give up on interacting with girls not even a friendly hi so i just got drunk for the rest of the night just better i can just see all the negivive comments pleas be positive im in a awful state i was talking to an GaG that i trust he justed fucking blocked me ):


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  • Write drunk. Edit sober.

    • sure il edit later so but pleas just cheer me up i know it seem strange but the must fake shit would cheer me up now

    • honestly i just want someone to talk about my feelings i had someone but he blocked me i guess im too fucking weird or something i just want to be normal