Girls, This girl flirted and now her whole work stares at me?

I had a brief flirt with this girl but I ignored her because she was just too weird. Now her whole work stare at me when I go past there. It's creeping me out. Why do you think this happened? Plus how can I just go past and ignore them?


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  • Obvious to me that she's stalking, longing for and even running plans through her brain to get closer to you. Until she makes her move or this tactic works to get you to do something to/for her, it's enough for her to watch her eye candy to make the work day pass quickly.

    Best for you NOT to avoid her, instead always acknowledge her stares with a nod or wave, always say hi when passing if her attention is on you and best yet to have a coffee break with her to sell her on the idea you are in love with your very jealous girlfriend that never comes to the office

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