Do you believe that after someone passes that you're close to they will know everything?

My cousin and her friend we're talking about how when Annie's mom passes away then she would know how she was secretly hurt by her father and how maybe she would understand her better. Do you think that when you're parent or someone close passes away they will know everything you kept from them?


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  • I don't believe in afterlife.
    I believe after death that you gone permanently.

    I believe spirits some spirits have a way of lingering around.
    But that is only those who were able to escape the bits of death, and find a world that is in between.
    Usually those spirits left with a business that went unfinished.
    They cannot harbor peace.
    They feel as if they have a message to share.


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  • No, they just dissolve back into their constituent elements. Humans are the pattern, the arrangement of atoms, the information. When they die they are just gone.


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