Was this weird of me to ask?

There's this guy and his closest friends, well people that aren't close to him too, tell me he likes me, push him towards me, he blushes and smiles when I talk to him, stares at me a lot, he's winked at me, etc. Anyways, yesterday I was texting him (he asked for my number btw)
And I was asking him if he got what he wanted for Christmas and he said most of it so I was like oh you didn't get all the clothes you wanted?
Didn't you just want clothes?
That was at 7 : 30 last night and he still hasn't texted me back... is that a weird question?
Also, I don't know if he was implying everything when he said most of it.. I don't know.
He is with his brothers that don't live at home anymore... so maybe he forgot or is busy...
But I feel weird that he hasn't texted me.

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  • I mean it's a totally normal question to ask around Christmas but maybe he's busy with family members. Don't get yourself too worked up over it.

    • Okay thankyou a lot for responded. I asked one of my friends and she said that's a really weird thing to ask so I felt like I ruined my chance with him.. :(