Please tell me how having strong personality is the same as being a bitch?

I speak my mind and i don't care who likes it
I tell it like it and I don't believe in sugar coating
I am learning to stand up for myself sick of being walked over
I have been through a lot in my life that has changed my personality
I try to be a leader not a follower
I can be very obnoxious
I know i am very bitchy and moody at times
I can come across as intimidating to those who don't know me
I don't believe in judging without knowing facts however

There are some of my personality traits in a nutshell. My personality was not always strong. I'd say by 18 my personality got difficult. Things that have happened to me changed my personality. I have been told i have a strong personality by many who meet me. You either love me or hate me. Either way I could not care less.


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  • I would say the main difference between having a strong personality and being a bitch (or a jerk for guys) is HOW you express yourself and HOW you deal with every-day life situations. The definition of a bitch is not so much that she speaks her mind and stands up for herself but that she is impolite, rude, unfriendly, inconsiderate, lacks empathy, arrogant, condescending and egoistic.
    For example I believe in speaking my mind and I certainly stand up for myself. In fact, I was trained to stand up for myself my whole life because I have a physical disability that affords standing up for myself in certain every-day life situations. However, I also believe in treating my fellow humans with respect and politeness. I don't bitch at people but instead, I try to ask them politely to treat me in a different way. In Swiss (and French) we say "C'est le ton, qui fait la musique". In English: it's the tone that makes the music. In other words: it's the small actions that define the person you are. I believe in being strong about what I want but getting it across in a mild, calm, and patient way.


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  • . . . . . okay? You sound more like you are trying to validate something to yourself?

    'Bitch' is a very layered topic. If you don't have enough cool and kind to balance out your bitch then doors of opportunity are constantly going to close on you.


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  • A strong personality is one that accentuates one's high IQ and EQ. Knowing when to assert and when to listen, as well as how to give critiques and take criticism is what makes a strong personality. Why is that strong? Because that person can handle difficult situations while being the most liked person in the room.

    What you described is compulsive apathy stemmed by deeply rooted psychological issues. Some people consider that a bitch. It's important that you know what a strong personality actually is, so you know what to strive for.

  • "I know i am very bitchy and moody at times." You answered your own question.

    When you are younger, you get on a soapbox about what you have the right to say. When you get older, you will be more concerned about whether it is the right thing to say.

  • i know someone who is exactly you. and you know what? there isn't a person who can bring a candid smile to my face like she can. i miss talking to her


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  • Having a strong personality doesn't make you a bitch. People can have those and still possess something called common sense and tact.
    Being a bitch makes you a bitch.

    • I have common sense lol. I know people who have an easy life and still bitch about everything. And I know people who never went through as much as me and are complete bitches just their attitude sucks.

    • Well, there you go. How bitches come into existence.