Guys, would you ask a girl to be a roommate?

If you were renting a house or apartment that had more than one bedroom, would you ask a girl to be your roommate? Do you think having a girl present would inhibit your style or would you think of her as a stabilizing influence? Would her physical appearance be a factor in extending the invitation? Would you invite a girl hoping that you developed a sexual relationship with her?


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  • Well... I had had a female roommate when I was abroad for a month. But neither of us really cared. It was just about getting back to our room for the night. In fact, we didn't even know each others' names until a week before I changed my accommodation! :P

    I would NEVER invite a girl to be a room-mate just for the sexual aspect. In fact, I wouldn't really mind the gender of a room-mate, because he/she will be just that.. a room-mate. unless we find some common ground coincidentally, and become friends or date.


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