Why do women still get alimony and child support if they can get a job?

Women can get a job and get paid as much or more than men. But the law still makes the ex-husband pay all her expenses while she is fucking some other dudes. I have a male friend whose ex-wife was so ashamed of taking alimony from him that she committed suicide by stabbing herself in the back three times then jumping off a bridge. Women shouldn't be getting free money when they have the ability to make their own, do you agree?


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  • I think alimony has got to do with WHO earns more. If the wife actually earns more than the husband and has better assets, SHE will be required to pay the alimony.

    As for child support, it has to do with some logic that men can never care for their kids as well as women. I don't agree with it, but this is what the courts feel.


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  • Actually it's for both. If custody is given to the man then the woman needs to pay child support also. And the money is for the kids it's not personal money.

  • Because she sacrificed her career progress taking care of the kids and family, hastening HIS career progress and experience so that he could make much more money and get better jobs compared to her. Alimony is to balance that out.


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