Can you please critisize?

I know its far from perfect but im just wondering how bad is it. Do you think if i practice ill be good or is it hopeless. Do i have a good or bad voice?


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  • I'm not sure where to critizice, if anything, like the other guy said
    sounds like you're holding back your voice a bit.. or do you have difficulties reaching higher notes?

    Other than that, it sounded just fine, I could imagine being played for some drama movie/series without problems.

    • Ty for ur answeer. I didn't want to be really loud. Even so i was quite loud.

  • Sounds good but like you're holding back a little bit. Japanese?

  • it's good... but obviously, needs a lot of work

    What are you singing anyway?

    • Its a japanese song from singer abe mao called i want to be your lover

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    • Im sry for answeering. I thought u wanted to know the title

    • ugh... nvm

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