So if you dont subscribe to a love of generic pop music drivel what you listening to today?

post a youtube vid if you think we won't know it?

wow, you can't all be bieber fans?


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  • still listen to all my old faves. classic rock, reggae, late 70s new wave, jazz, classical 80s and 90s rock and rap. there are some decent bands out there now making good stuff like Alabama Shakes, Vampire Weekend, The Shins, Head and the Heart, and the Black Keys (although not liking their newer stuff as much)

    most of the new music that comes out is lame to me but luckily there is a lot of awesome music in our history to get into

    • totally disagree with your last statement... it just takes some finding. i have always looked for innovation so i do keep moving rather than sticking with the tracks of our years if you know what i mean.

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    • oh and sleaford mods 'new take' refered to the fact its only two guys. one on vocals and one pressing go on a computer so not the usual punk band

    • and don't get me wrong i liked the song you posted. it reminded me a lot of the cool irish narrative style of singing mixed with some classic punk styles

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    Really not the best song but I know a lot of people don't know it.

  • Wtf lol how do you know about stormzy lol, is your real age 48 and is that actually a pic of you on your profile? Not zippy the other one.

    • eyes and ears haven't stopped working just yet love ffs ageist or what? lol... and yes thats me in ibiza

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    • thats ok but im kinda tiring of gangsta rap. i like the uk grime/glitch hop more because its back to basics and not over produced.

    • was pleased to see dizzee bringing it back a bit

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