Everyone, post a link to one song that was so awesome it made your ears orgasm?

Here's mine:


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  • My girlfriend comes from South Korea and one song that I really love so so much and that gave my ears an orgasm when I heard it for the first time is a famous traditional Korean folk song called 아리랑 ("Arirang"). The song was even added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2012. For Koreans, the song has a very deep meaning. Although it actually tells a love story (two lovers finding each other again after having lost each other for a long time), the song is often connected to a feeling of national and cultural unity and the Korean feeling of 한 ("Han"), which is really hard to describe (something like really deep sadness but more complicated). It's the song I want to be played if North and South Korea will ever reunite.
    You can listen to it in this video:


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