Tips for conversation starters?

I am a very introverted person. I very rarely get to spend time with kids my age (because I am home schooled). Anyone with ideas or tips on starting up a conversation that would be great. Thanks in advance.


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  • Start with, "Hey, what's up?" and maybe talk about something you or that person is interested in. How is home schooling? I've always wondered...

    • The "Whats up?" thing isn't really me. I like the more proper kind of conversation but I kind of get what your saying. And home schooling is much easier then public school, I have skipped like four grades because I didn't need to go through it.

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    • If you and your parents are okay with it, go for it. I am going to start collage some time soon. And the secret is is that schools teach the same thing over and over again with only add a

    • I hit post on accident. With only adding new things into the curriculum once in awhile. So home schooling gets you to the end fast and better in most cases.

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