If you found out someone else also liked your crush, would you try harder to get them?

Like you try harder to get your crush to notice you because you're worried that the other person will get them first?

  • I would try harder because I don't want that person to have my crush
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  • I would try just as hard as before.
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  • I would not try as hard as before. My crush will probably end up liking the other person more than me anyway.
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  • I'd wanna try harder but I wouldn't know how.


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  • I'm not competitive, I would still be doing the exact same thing as I was doing before, I don't want them to have that impression that whilst I was trying harder and we decided to date that I would be doing that all the time. So being me is good enough and if it isn't I don't want to date them


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  • I don't compete: if a guy wants another girl more than me because I don't desperately try to "win" his affection, he isn't the guy for me. She can have him.

  • My boyfriends ex girlfriend was trying to get him back when we first got together lmfao.
    I just told her to back off and she left him alone.
    Whatever. Baha

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