Most embarrassing moment of 2015?

What is your most embarrassing moment?
Mine would be when I was staying with friends in France.
When I first got there, my friend told me in broken English (because I'm american) "you will be sleeping with my brother, in him" I nearly fell over with embarrassment. She didn't understand why I was blushing until I told her in broken French what that sentence intended. "NO! I mean you will sleep in his room! He will not be there! You will not be in each other!" What's worse? Her brother heard. I can never look him in the eye again.
Later that day, I don't know if I was so uncomfortable with changing on the beach because I'm not used to it living in America, but I was blushing four different shades of red. Yes, they made me wrap a towel around my body and change into my bathing suit right there on the beach. I was shocked because a lot of people were doing this. My worst fear in that moment was that the wind would take the towel away or someone would see. I made it through without problem which was good.
I was wearing a white bikini top with dark pink small pink shorts.
Later, after swimming I was running from the water to my towel on the beach because my friend was trying to find where we were. I heard a whistle and there were a group of college age guys watching me. One whistled and the others followed. I was so taken aback from the attention. I know a good bit a french from many classes in high school which was still fresh in my mind, but I couldn't understand what all they were saying and some of it was not french. I stood there in a panic until me friend collapsed next to me and laughed. She wouldn't tell me what they were saying.
Whats worse? They made me change on the beach again to leave. We wrapped towels around ourselves and took off our bathing suits and put our clothes on. This time some of the guys watched- not outright, but I saw a couple stares. I had to walk past them and ride my bike back to the house.
Whats your most embarrassing moment of 2015?


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  • I was walking up the stairs to my school with my crush and we were kind of flirting and I tripped and landed on my face. When he helped me up, I took a few steps backwards, turned around, and ran right into a door...

  • Put heart eye emoji on my crushes picture (Instagram)

    He immediately deleted the comment..

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