How to deal with depression?

I'm 19 and struggle with social anxiety. I take Prozac which has given me some improvement. I don't know how I'm still alive. I think I'm the clumsiest, awkwardest person on the planet. I'm not good at speaking which I tend to stutter and my mind flusters. I don't have my drivers permit which I am too anxious to start driving because I'm afraid of messing up, being lost etc. I feel like exploring the world but at the same time, don't. I have this mindset of "I didn't ask to be born. Why am I here? I'm a mistake".

I want to get a job and have a life but my anxiety gets in the way. I actually found a job that is pretty easy and has to do with art but my parents are holding me back. I'm not smart enough nor good at anything. Everyday, I keep thinking about killing myself. I seriously don't have any reason to live. I feel suffocated and like I will be stuck in this gray room forever.

I keep praying and trying to cheer myself up but nothing works or helps. I'm losing everyone in my life. I think I need to get away from my phone because I'm overanalyzing situations over a text. I want to destroy my phone in order to not look at it constantly. Everytime I turn it off, my addiction increases leading me to turn it back on


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  • if you have blades throw them away, whatever makes me you depressed get away from it.. i got over my depression a year ago, so i know what im saying. and hang out with people who make you laugh and smile, as an example, lets say your sister was making you depressed, move out , you're 20, you're allowed to live alone. and do something easy, babysit, you'll still make money, and delete your social media accounts until you know you won't be addicted anymore, i deleted everything as i now only have girlsaskguys , twitter and Skype.
    i hope you get over your depression. good luck (: x

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