Why are gagers so nice?

On how you look, people I find average to a little above average. people are giving unrealistic, 8.5/10, saying you are very pretty, etc. Am I just shallow, negative or a realist or are these people just trying to make someones day?


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  • It's the "GaG reflex" I swear.

    As soon as you list an insecurity, everyone will jump to your rescue trying to console you. It doesn't matter what sometimes.
    Like, a common one is breast size. Lots of girls are worried about small boobs. I get it, I'm one of them. Anyways, these guys will try to convince us that they're not bad, or even as attractive as big boobs. LIES lol
    Irl, men NEVER say things like "damn! Did you see how small her tits were?"

    I'm not saying small boobs are the worst things, but they're not as desirable irl like GaG makes it seem.
    Then there'll be questions like about big boobs, because even busty chicks are silly enough to be fooled by here. And they feel insecure that men prefer smaller. LIES AGAIN lol
    And you guessed it, people will try to console her and her big titties that they're awesome too.

    This happens too often and I just answer my blunt (and sometimes hurtful) honest opinion.

    • lol at gag reflex x

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    • ohhh, well I live in toronto, I think the average here is like 120 lbs , and not many cheese lovers.

      I can't remember the last time I went to a fast food restaurant with a girl.

    • Thanks for MH :)

      Lol here in the midwest, I think most people are a good 150lbs at least. I'm 120-130ish and I'm usually considered anorexic/skinny af (I'm 4'11 btw)

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  • Because they wanna get the MHO or they are just ass-kissers in general 😪
    Like sorry if it sounds harsh but I've been here long enough to have witnessed this a bazillion times now..

  • Sometimes i exaggerate a bit because I want to make someones day. But Im usually honest


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  • These ratings are generally have no bearing on one's self-perception. The numbers fall in quicksand when the person is insecure, and hit a trampoline if the person is conceited.

    Objectivity isn't rewarded in this case. So the wisest political maneuver would be to give a compliment or say nothing at all. Being mean and abrasive is risky.

  • Well... in my case though, I just find almost everyone good looking. I don't exaggerate or try to be 'extra nice', but someone has to be really hideous for me to to find them 'bad looking'.