Is sometimes one hit something an abuser deserves?

My mother has hit me for a long time, regardless of my age and she has punched my father out cold as well, bringing blood etc. In all seriousness, do you think giving my mother one hard punch to the face could make her re-evaluate her actions?


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  • I'd say that bitch needs to get knocked the fuq out! Your dad should leave her ass!


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  • Nope, it would probably just encourage her even more because she would get mad + want revenge. You can't smack some sense into an abuser, both figuratively and literally. Abusers are unlikely to change, and when they do change, it's because they actually want to and have gotten help (such as anger management classes).

    • Good point, and within myself I would feel guilty. Have you seen violence in your childhood?

    • Thankfully no, but I know enough about the psychology behind abusers to know that it's not worth it, and will most likely only escalate things.

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  • Most likely. She clearly has some issues about how to resolve certain things. You will reach a point when you are going to have to stand up to her though. She will undoubtedly be shocked by your reaction. How old are you now?

    • I'm 20 in a few months, my age on here is wrong.

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    • I've called the police on her before and she begs me not to and comes banging on my door and yells at me for calling them, then once they arrive, she shies away. My problem is, I am currently living overseas with my parents so to "move out" is very difficult until I move back to my home country. What are the best tips you have for me in my situation?

      Thanks for your help.

    • I think you need to tell her exactly how you feel and how the abuse is wearing very thin to the point where you may actually start being physically abusive towards her.

      This is all about control and unhappiness and your mother is at the epicentre of all that unhappiness. What is making her so unhappy and angry all the time?

      I would get the police involved every time she is like that and get somebody in the family to talk to her - make it somebody she respects. However, I think this is a deep-rooted problem which has been going on for too long unchecked and without professional help, she is likely to revert back to her old patterns. Talk to her and try and make her understand just how bad you are feeling about everything.