Can an accident be added to your record and insurance without you being notified?

Apparantly my parents wanted to reup with my insurance company and their were 2 accidents added and payed for by my insurance company within the last 6 months. The issue is my parents, our insurance agent, or myself were never given a statement or paper saying the claim was payed. My dad asked if I gave my licence to someone after bumping then or damaging their property and I didn't have any such involvement with the police or anyone else. We called our agent and he said he wasn't given any notice of a claim made against me and thinks its an error as do I. The damage was payed for at 12,000 dollars, and 1200 dollars so my agent as am I are very confused.

Another weird thing is that there is no police record and if I get pulled over it will only show a speeding ticket of me going 25 over ( i was dumb) but their is no record of the accidents in the Ohio license bureau and police record its only. on my driving record in the insurance portion.


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  • Ask your insurance company.


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