Ladies - Why Do You Flake Out On 2nd Dates So Often?

May be a dumb question... but this has happened to me before, many itmes. Here is a recent scenario:

-I went out on a date with this woman.
-During the course of the date, she really opened up to me and became very talkative
-During the course of the date, she kept making suggestions as to what we can do next time we meet (go dancing, cook me dinner at her place, go skating, take a yoga class, etc, etc, etc). This tells me she was interested, as she kept makin all these suggestions.
-We held hands during the date, lots of touching and we kissed good night.
-She randomly texted me the next day with a heartshape eyes emoji

A day or 2 later, when I tried to schedule another date with her, she did the following:
-She said she will check to see when she was off from work. She never got back to me, so I asked again.
-She said she will check again... still never got back to me.
-I asked her yesterday if she wanted to go dancing this Saturday night. She read my message and never got back to me at all.

While I have gotten 2nd dates with women... I have also had this scenario happen to me many times! Why do women express interest during the date and then suddenly turn around and act like they don't want nothing to do with you?


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  • She was probably just using you to have a free dinner or whatever. Many women do this... hell, there are even women who say it out loud and proudly.

    Some girls don't want a second date because she didn't like you enough, but given how this girl acted, she said all that stuff just in case she couldn't find another man, but seems like she did, and that's why she doesn't wanna go on another date with you.

    She used you.


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  • She may have thought you were "too ready to please her", or she may have even thought you came across as desperate. Or maybe she just wasn't feeling it as much as you were... I think it could have been that she wasn't all into the touching just yet. All of that on a first date can have a negative effect. I've even felt like that before when a guy tried all that on the first date.

    • Tried all what?

      -I didn't make those recommendations for going out again, she did.

      -We just talked about regular things and it seemed like we clicked.

      -The only romantic thing we really did was a lot of mutual touching, hand holding and a very brief kiss.

    • Ahhh then yeah, that's different. She's found someone else.

    • Maybe. You're right. She went to San Diego for a few days just to see the city with her friends (we live in Texas) and she took a few snapchat videos/photos of this guy she met and she changed her profile picture to him and her for like a day... and that's when she started acting strange around me

  • More than likely, they met someone else that they like better. In order to avoid confrontation, they just ghost you. I have done that.


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