I'm weak and unconfident when it comes to fights please help?

i'm weak and unconfident especially when it comes to fights or problems with people , i feel strong and confident sometimes like a normal person but however sometimes i get to feel badly and so weak and i get sad bc of my self and bc i couldn't change myself
like my girlfriend's cousin talk to her in a bad way and i got jealous and really angry but i let my girlfriend talk to him since he's her cousin but then she told me to talk to him and i wanted to talk to him but i'm not confident enough i want him to stop talking to her like that i feel afraid my hearts beats get faster when it comes to these stuff
please help me what can i do i wanna be brave
i need our help


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  • Sounds like he's a bully. Take his words, and undermine them in front of him when she's around. Ask the right questions, and make him have to defend what he says. If he threatens, stand your ground and tell him when he has gone too far. If he turns physical and beatings ensue, call the cops. Or have her do it while you hold him off. He'll be the one cowering when that happens. If you have to throw a few punches, she'll testify on your behalf, and you'll get out of trouble a lot sooner than he will.

    Hopefully, you can resolve matters without things turning physical / violent. But if not, I've seen a lot of episodes of "Cops" about domestic disputes. If he's a bully the way you make him out to be, he's merely setting himself up for it.

  • Well r u weak in physical fighting or words or both

    • i'm good at words but i kinda get afraid when it seems like it's going to end by fighting

    • Well if ur ever in a fight with a guy beat them up punch them in the face kick them in the face pinch them in the chest in the part that right above the stomach knocks out there breath and use all your strength when u punch fighting a girl just make it to were she can't punch u or anything

  • Nah you just gotta bro up and kill em bro

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