Im been forced into animal cruelty please help?

I've a GermanShepard a year old its not Not my dog it's the family's and dog iwe leave the dog in our yard it's a big garden and he gets brought out of walks twice daily. Im really attached to this dog I treat it like a human. The dog has destroyed our yard he digged up holes in the yard and digs up all the flowers. My family are very old fashion and everything the man says Goes! Well my father never liked the dog... And always talked about how much the dog is spoilt and he talks about giving him away I'm a teenager don't have much of a day
Anyway my dad put the dog Into the side lane it's so small and the dog has no space it's animal cruelty... I've cried creamed yelled ! Nothing will work and they said if I don't shut up and accept that it's the dogs new home that they will give it away.. The dog is crying all night. I'm so upset it's braking my heart because I'm the closes to the dog ! I have no say I bring the dog on walks all day I've trained this dog ! I spend most of day with this dog ! I was going to report it or ring the police but my mother is so old fashion like I said that she will kick me out and I've no where to go.! I know if I give this dog away he will maybe have a better life ! I've treated this dog like a human. I'm very attached to him and the thought of giving him to a new home Kills me inside. I'll get depressed advise.


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  • Give the dog away. Would you rather the dog be in a better home or where he is now? Even though you love your dog you have to think of what's better for him. And being somewhere where everyone loves him is better than where he is now.