Do you believe in signs of the universe trying to get two people together? Fate?

Let's say two people break up. They both love each other. And each of them experience signs from universe you can say. Whether it be songs they used to hear in the car that werent popular or played suddenly be played on the radio. That both are reminded of each other wherever they go. They even show up at the samw place unexpectantly but neither make it seem like they've bseen each other. Can it be fate?


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  • Lol... you really gotta cut down on the romance novels/movies...
    So if im stalking someone... i mean, the same things apply... or maybe if you were dating a co-worker/classmate... it still would happen. In other circumstances... its just purely coincidence. Want to know why i say that? simple... They broke up.

    • Well when you are stalking someone it is your decision. But the things i am talking about add out of your control. Just like gut instinct, it can't be mere coincidence but a deeper sign sent from a higher power or your own self

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    • thats true... thats emotions though... thats internal

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  • If you really believe this stuff, you don't know anything about astronomy and what the universe is. The universe is a practically void space with a couple of barren rocks flying around and a couple of stars burning away. Oh, and the average temperature is minus 260° Celsius. The universe is not an entity, it's just a place... and a pretty sinister one to be honest (fascinating but sinister).
    These things are not "signs from the universe", they're simply coincidence. I don't understand why some people find it so incredibly hard to understand coincidence. It's nothing special...

    • But there is the law of attraction. Prove. Whatever you attract comes to you

    • That "law" is something you got from romantic/corny movies or books, it's not a physical law that actually exists. Unless you're talking about Newton's theory of gravitation.

  • I don't know about this fate stuff. Most of the time its coincidences. Then there are things that are hard to explain. Like how did that old guy years ago predict what my siblings and I would be doing with our lives years before we showed any talent for anything.

    • But what we see as coincidence can also be signs. Huh. Nothing is ever comprehensible. Some things are out of this world and there is no explanation

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